Mobian is an open-source project aimed at bringing Debian GNU/Linux to mobile devices.

The project is driven by a community of volunteer developers and users and it is not a registered organization. It has been founded by @a-wai.

This wiki is intended to collect instructions, tips and tricks for users of Mobian. Information for developers can be found on Gitlab (although there is quite a bit on the technical workings of the PinePhone here as well…).

Useful starting points

You might want to look at the installation instructions, the Frequently Asked Questions, or the tweaks pages. If you want to see which apps are suitable for mobile phones, check out apps section.

Communication channels
IRC #mobian on OFTC This is bridged to the matrix channel
Telegram also bridged to the matrix channel
Mobian's Blog
Pine64's wiki on the Pinephone
Debian wiki on mobian