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Flathub is a default software source in the Software app, so any of the following apps which only have Flatpak sources can be installed from within the app, and located by search.

(Please keep this list in alphabetical order)

Name Description Compatibility
AHaM Calculator to add hours and minutes 5
Anki A flashcard application 3
Authenticator A Two-Factor Authentication application n/a
Books E-book manager 4
Calls Make telephone calls 5
Cawbird Twitter Client 3
Celluloid GNOME video player based on mpv 2
Chatty SMS (and other types) messaging 5
Chromium Chromium web browser 1
Cozy An audiobook player and library 4
DejaDup Backup utility 3
Drawing A paint program for GNOME 4
DungeonJournal A 5e Character Manager n.a.
Enroute Flight navigation app 5
Evolution Personal information management application that provides integrated mail, calendaring and address book functionality 3
Feeds News reader for GNOME n.a.
Files Filesystem navigator 3
Firefox ESR Firefox ESR web browser 4
Flatseal A permissions manager for Flatpak 4
Fractal Matrix group messaging app 5
Fragments A BitTorrent Client 5
Foliate An e-book reader 2
Forklift Video and audio download application 5
Geary Email client 3
GNOME 2048 Obtain the 2048 tile 5
GNOME Password Safe Secure password storage 5
GNOME Usage View system usage information 4
GNOME Web Web browser 5
gNote GNOME notes program 4
Go For It Go For It! is a simple and stylish productivity app 4
Grock Displays geological maps of the UK 5
gThumb Photo viewer/organizer 4
KeePassXC Password manager 3
Keysign Encryption key signer 3
Komikku An online/offline manga reader for GNOME 4
Lollypop Play and organize your music collection 4
Maps Maps and location 4
Marker Markdown editor and viewer 5
Markets Market tracker for stocks, currencies and cryptocurrencies 5
Midori Lightweight web browser 4
Mpv Play video and audio files 4
Navit Offline car navigation 3
News Flash RSS Reader 4
Nextcloud Desktop NextCloud Desktop Sync client 4
Olifant A simple Mastodon client 3
OSM Scout Server Offline maps service for Pure Maps et al 5
Pinhole Camera application 5
Pithos Pithos is a native Pandora client 2
Planner Never worry about forgetting things again 4
Podcasts Podcasts client 5
PureMaps Maps, turn by turn navigation, and points of interest 4
ProtonVPN-GUI A GTK GUI for Proton VPN 4
Read It Later A Wallabag Client. 5
Seahorse Keyring manager 3
Shortwave Listen to internet radio 5
Supertux Help the penguin in his adventure 3
Tau GTK frontend for the xi text editor 3
Telegram Desktop Telegram Desktop messaging app 3
Timetrack A timetrack for GNOME 4
Tootle Mobile-friendly Mastodon client 4
Totem GNOME video player 4
Unifydmin GNOME app for controlling multiple heterogeneous servers with ease n.a.
Weather GNOME Weather 4
What IP Info on your IP 4
Wiremapper Linux client for Pockethernet network tester 5

Phone Compatibility:

  • 5 of 5 Points, fully optimized
  • 4 of 5 Points, a few rough edges
  • 3 of 5 Points, some parts are not phone optimized
  • 2 of 5 Points, not optimized but usable, maybe switching between portrait and panorama mode needed
  • 1 of 5 Points, borked

Applications are tested with scale set to 1.8, the default on Mobian. To set the scale to the Librem default of 2 can break application compatibility.

Uncompleted App listings:

Name Description Compatibility