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This is a list of applications that have been tested with Mobian. See wishlist for anything missing. A similar, curated list is available at

The recommended method of installation is always Debian packages using the apt package management system. However, not all of these applications are available as Debian packages. Many of these applications also have Flatpak instructions so that you can try them out. Note that by doing so you are trusting the flatpak repo (e.g. flathub) and the flatpak project maintainer to have built them in a way that you trust. This is outside the scope of the Mobian project.

If you install applications from source, make sure to not place files in /usr (when doing a make install). see why

(Please keep this list in alphabetical order)


Name Description Compatibility Debian Package
AHaM Calculator to add hours and minutes 5
Ambience Control LIFX lights 5
Anbox Android emulator 3 anbox
Angelfish Lightweight Web browser from Plasma Mobile 4 angelfish
Anki A flashcard application 5 anki
Authenticator A Two-Factor Authentication application 5 gnome-authenticator (mobian)
Axolotl Standalone Signal messenger 5
Bitwarden Password management solution 2
Blanket Ambient sounds player 5
Breathing Exercise your breathing 5
Books E-book manager 4 gnome-books (sid)
Calibre ebook-viewer component of Calibre library-manager 5 calibre
Calls Make telephone calls 5 calls (mobian)
Castor Gemini browser 4
Cawbird Twitter Client 3 cawbird (mobian)
Celluloid GNOME video player based on mpv 2 celluloid
Chatty SMS (and other types) messaging 5 chatty (mobian)
Chromium Chromium web browser 1 chromium
Clapper Simple and modern GNOME media player 5
Cog Cog WebKit WPE web browser and CogWebRun GUI app 4 cog and CogWebRun binary packages
Confy Conferences schedule viewer for GNOME 5
Cozy An audiobook player and library 5
cpupower-gui cpupower-gui for Debian 5 cpupower-gui
Decoder Scan and Generate QR Codes 4
Dialect A translation app based on Google Translate 4 dialect
Dictionary A translation app for GNOME 5 gnome-dictionary
Dino Dino is a modern open-source chat client for the desktop. 5 dino-im
DejaDup Backup utility 5 deja-dup
Drawing A paint program for GNOME 4 drawing
DungeonJournal A 5e Character Manager n.a.
Enroute Flight navigation app 5
Evolution Personal information management application that provides integrated mail, calendaring and address book functionality 3 evolution
Feeds News reader for GNOME 5
Files Filesystem navigator 3 nemo
Firefox ESR Firefox ESR web browser 4 firefox-esr
Flatseal A permissions manager for Flatpak 4
FoxtrotGPS GPS tool with OSM maps 5 foxtrotgps
Fractal Matrix group messaging app 5 fractal (mobian)
Fragments A BitTorrent Client 5
Foliate An e-book reader 5 foliate
Forklift Video and audio download application 5
Gajim Multi-User Xmpp client 3 gajim
Geary Email client 5 geary (mobian)
Giara Reddit client 5
Girens Girens is a Plex GTK client for playing movies, TV shows and music from your Plex library. 5
Glide Play movies and audio files 4
GNOME Photos GNOME Photo Gallery 4
GNOME Secrets Secure password storage 5 secrets
GNOME Usage View system usage information 4 gnome-usage (mobian)
GNOME Web Web browser 5 epiphany
gNote GNOME notes program 4 gnote
Go For It Go For It! is a simple and stylish productivity app 4
GoldenDict Dictionary lookup program 4 goldendict
gPodder podcast receiver/catcher 2 gpodder
gpredict Real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction 5 gpredict
Grock Displays geological maps of the UK 5
gThumb Photo viewer/organizer 4 gthumb
Hackgregator Reading Hacker News 5
Headlines Reddit client 5
Health A health tracking app for GNOME 5
ImageRoll Image viewer with basic image manipulation tools 5
KeePassXC Password manager 3 keepassxc
Keysign Encryption key signer 3 gnome-keysign
Kodi Kodi Media Center 4
Komikku An online/offline manga reader for GNOME 5
KTrip Public Transport Assistance for Mobile Devices 4 ktrip
Lagrange Graphical Geminispace browser 3
Lollypop Play and organize your music collection 4 lollypop
Lingot A musical instrument tuner 4 lingot
Maps Maps and location 4 gnome-maps
Marker Markdown editor and viewer 5
Markets Market tracker for stocks, currencies and cryptocurrencies 5
Megapixels Camera App 5
Metadata Cleaner View and clean metadata in files 4
Meteo A weather forecast application using OpenWeatherMap 3
Metronome Metronome 5
Midori Lightweight web browser 4 midori
Mousepad Simple Text Editor 4 mousepad
Mousai Simple song identifier 5
Mpv Play video and audio files 4 mpv
News Flash RSS Reader 4
Nextcloud Desktop NextCloud Desktop Sync client 4 nextcloud-desktop
Nheko Matrix Client 4 nheko
Notorious Notes application 5
Obfuscate Censor private information on images 4
Obsidian Note-taking and knowledge management app 4
Olifant A simple Mastodon client 3
Organic Maps An offline maps app for travelers, tourists, hikers, and cyclists. 4
OSM Scout Server Offline maps service for Pure Maps et al 5
Palette Tool for viewing the GNOME color palette as defined by the design guidelines. 5
Pinhole Camera application 5 pinhole (mobian)
Pithos Pithos is a native Pandora client 5
Planner Never worry about forgetting things again 4
Podcasts Podcasts client 5
Portfolio Manage your files 5 portfolio-filemanager
ProtonVPN-GUI A GTK interface for ProtonVPN 5
PureMaps Maps, turn by turn navigation, and points of interest 4
Quod Libet Audio library manager and player for GTK3 3 quodlibet
Read It Later A Wallabag Client. 5
Reminduck Remember your stuff in an adorably annoying way 5
Seahorse Keyring manager 5 seahorse
Shortwave Listen to internet radio 5
Siglo Companion App for PineTime 5
Simple Diary Simple and lightweight diary app 5
Stellarium Watch the stars! 3
Solanum A pomodoro timer 5
Spot Spotify client. Only works with premium accounts! 5
Syncthing Software to sync Files without the need of a cloud server 4 syncthing
Tangram Create and manage webapps 5
Tau GTK frontend for the xi text editor 3
Teleport Share files over the local network 4
Telegram Desktop Telegram Desktop messaging app 3 telegram-desktop
Terminal GNOME Terminal 5 gnome-terminal
Timetrack A timetrack for GNOME 4
Tootle Mobile-friendly Mastodon client 4 tootle (mobian)
Totem GNOME video player 4 totem
Tubefeeder A Youtube-Client made for the Pinephone 5
Unifydmin GNOME app for controlling multiple heterogeneous servers with ease n.a.
Vehicle Voyage Track vehicle service history 5
Video Downloader Download videos from websites like YouTube and many others
Wake Mobile Alarm clock app that wakes the phone from suspend 5 binary packages
Waydroid container-based Android system 4
Weather GNOME Weather 4 gnome-weather
What IP Info on your IP 4
Wike Wikipedia Reader 5 wike
Wiremapper Linux client for Pockethernet network tester 5


Name Description Phone Playability Big Screen Playability Debian Package
Aisleriot Solitaire card games 5 ? aisleriot
Amoebax Puyo Puyo-style puzzle game for up to two players 2 X Amoebax
Berusky Logic game based on Sokoban 2 X Berusky
Berusky2 Logic game Bugs Escape 3D 2 X Berusky2
Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks puzzle game inspired by Tetris 3 X blockattack
Blocks of the Undead Tetris Attack clone with spooky undertones 2 X blocksoftheundead
Brain Party 36 puzzle games for all the family 4 X Brain Party
Cave Story NX A nostalgic side-action adventure game 2 X
explosive-c4 Four in a row game 5 X explosive-c4
Minecraft PE Download and play Minecraft Bedrock Edition on GNU/Linux 2 X
Supertux Help the penguin in his adventure 3 X supertux
Shattered Pixel Dungeon A Roguelike RPG 5 X
GNOME 2048 Obtain the 2048 tile 5 X Gnome-2048
GNOME Reversi Dominate the board in a classic reversi game, or play the reversed variant 5 X Gnome-Reversi
GNOME Sudoku Sudoku game 5 X gnome-sudoku
GNOME Taquin game to move tiles so that they reach their places 5 X Gnome-Taquin

Phone Compatibility:

  • 5 of 5 Points, fully optimized
  • 4 of 5 Points, a few rough edges
  • 3 of 5 Points, some parts are not phone optimized
  • 2 of 5 Points, not optimized but usable, maybe switching between portrait and panorama mode needed
  • 1 of 5 Points, unusable

Applications are tested with scale set to 2, the default on Mobian. Changing the phoc scale factor can break application compatibility.

Debian Package:

A debian package indicates whether the app can be installed using built-in Bullseye or Mobian package management and repositories, sometimes Sid is needed. Otherwise, either the source code must be downloaded and compiled separately or some other repository such as Flathub. Packages without debian offerings and a good mobile score can be good candidates for upstreaming as packages for all Debian users.

Uncompleted App listings:

These apps currently do not have a Flatpak image and are not in the Mobian/Debian repos:

Name Description Compatibility Debian Package
ATinout Reads AT commands and captures its output 5
Birdie Alarm app designed for Linux phones 5
Bitpay Bitcoin wallet 5
Briar Secure mesh messaging ?
Cuttlefish GNOME PeerTube client ?
Elephant Remember Reminder app built for Mobian 5
Hermes An unofficial Gtk WebKit Facebook messenger app made for linux smartphone 5
Loyalty Cards Linux App to save and view all your loyalty cards and any kind of card. 4
Lyrebird Simple and powerful voice changer 4
MyMonero Monero wallet 5
Navit Offline car navigation 3 navit
Replay Privacy-oriented YouTube client 5
Signal Desktop Signal messenger desktop client ?
Stream Full YouTube client 5
Taxi An FTP client 3
White Noise White Noise app built for the Pine Phone 5