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Date kernel Hardware ver. File system encryption Read (bw) Write (bw) Comment
2021-02-23 5.10 1.1 ext4 on eMMC 8150kB/s 2727kB/s kernel 5.11 performed very similar
2021-03-01 5.10 1.1 f2fs on eMMC 7247kB/s 2425kB/s
2021-02-23 5.10 1.1 ext4 FS on SD card (Sandisk 64GB Class 10, XC I) 2427kB/s 812kB/s
2021-02-23 5.11 1.2b ext4 on eMMC LUKS 3812kB/s 1275kB/s upgraded factory image
2021-03-01 5.10 1.2a BTRFS on SD (Sandisk 32GB Class 10 HC I) 2018kB/s 675kB/s
2021-02-27 5.9 Librem5 (Evergreen) ext4 on eMMC 17.1MB/s 5708kB/s for comparison with Pinephone
2021-03-11 5.11 rc5 bq Aquaris X5 (paella) ext4 on eMMC 8276kB/s 2769kB/s for comparison with Pinephone
Notes for reproducability

(Based on The interesting output is in those lines:

  READ: bw=6551KiB/s (6708kB/s), 6551KiB/s-6551KiB/s (6708kB/s-6708kB/s), io=47.0MiB (50.3MB), run=7496-7496msec 
  WRITE: bw=2192KiB/s (2245kB/s), 2192KiB/s-2192KiB/s (2245kB/s-2245kB/s), io=16.0MiB (16.8MB), run=7496-7496msec 

Tests run with:

fio --randrepeat=1 --ioengine=libaio --direct=1 --gtod_reduce=1 --name=test --filename=test --bs=4k --iodepth=64 --size=64M --readwrite=randrw --rwmixread=75 --loops=2