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I want to contribute/develop for/help out Mobian!

We are excited that you want to help contribute to Mobian!

What if I don't know how to code?

Not everyone needs to know how to code to contribute! There are many very important ways one can help Mobian without you ever opening Nano/Pluma/Vim/Emacs.

Where do the Mobian devs need help?

We always need help in:

  • Maintaining or adding new packages
  • Improving upstream software used in Mobian (features, bug fixes, etc)
  • Documentation
  • Moderating our Matrix Channels
  • Helping out new users
  • Triaging issues on Mobian (and filing high quality issues upstream)
  • Translations
  • Other things? (You probably have good ideas we have not thought of!)
How can I edit the wiki?

Currently, the wiki page is open access to anyone, you just need to sign up for it.

What is the process to become a mod/developer?

There is no “official” process, so perhaps the best thing is time interacting with us.

  • If you wish to help mod, please help out the moderators or ask one of the currents mod if you are interested
  • If you wish to help package for Mobian, please make the package and ask one of the Mobian Devs to look at it.
  • If you wish to develop a feature, don't let us stop you! When you think you have something to show, please show it off in Mobian and ask how to get it into Mobian.
  • If you wish to become an official packager/maintainer, please ask one of the mods too.
  • If you wish to help with translations, please check how it's done for the software you want to provide translations for. For GNOME software would probably be the right address

Most of the above requirements require time and trust. Most of the Mobian developers only know each other from online presence, which as you can guess, causes unique challenges for trust.

Who should I talk to if I want to do any of the above?

Please talk to any of the mods in our Mobian Matrix Channel.

I don't know how to package for Debian!

We understand packaging for Debian can seem daunting. Many of the Mobian developers are also on the DebianOnMobile team and maintain those packages.

As luck would have it there is an upcoming Live packaging workshop at Debconf21 (Aug 25):

You can see examples of packaging here:

The Debian Policy is a great reference is you have any specific questions on packaging:

As a general introduction we refer you to the Debian wiki on packaging which has a guide, a tutorial and more general information about packaging: