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 <​code>​ <​code>​
-sudo systemctl stop phosh 
 sudo systemctl disable phosh sudo systemctl disable phosh
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 sudo apt install sxmo-utils sudo apt install sxmo-utils
-</​code>​+sudo systemctl enable sxmo
-You need to be on ssh or physical keyboard, since the GUI will be stopped.+sudo reboot 
 +Or any other method ​to run this. Note that currently ​reboot is needed 
 +after installing this package in order to re-run udev rules to create 
 +the symlink /​dev/​input/​touchscreen ​.
-Check the user guide for info about the gestures etc. https://​​~anjan/​sxmo-docs/​ the user guide for info about the gestures etc. https://​​~anjan/​sxmo-docs/​ ​and pmOS wiki: https://​​wiki/​Sxmo/​Tips_and_Tricks.
 Sxmo's home page: https://​​. Sxmo's home page: https://​​.