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Mobian consists of a collection of Debian packages from the official archive Debian Bullseye (aka Testing) plus a small set of packages from the Mobian archive.

The Mobian project constantly feeds changes back into Debian.

Note: part of the development wiki is on

Development process

December 2022: This probably needs updating: weren't most or all of the non-official-Debian (Mobian-specific) packages shifted to Salsa a few months ago?

A large fraction of official Debian packages are hosted on Salsa, e.g. Debian On Mobile repos

Those packages are build and uploaded in the Debian Sid archive, then migrate to the Debian Bullseye repository.

Mobian-specific source packages are hosted on gitlab-mobian

The packages are built by mobian-server running on the server hosting and published on the mobian-archive

Mobian disk images are generated by debos recipes and the img-builder script running on the same server.

Image creation process:

Salsa ⇒ upload by Debian Developer ⇒ Debian Sid archive               ⇒ mobian-server script               ⇒ disk image
gitlab-mobian ⇒ mobian-server script (pkg-builder) ⇒ mobian-archive   ⇒ mobian-server script (img-builder) ⇒ disk image

Apt-get update process:

Salsa ⇒ upload by Debian Developer ⇒ Debian Sid archive               ⇒ apt
gitlab-mobian ⇒ mobian-server script (pkg-builder) ⇒ mobian-archive   ⇒ apt