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 ====== Supported Devices ====== ====== Supported Devices ======
-Currentlyonly Pine64 devices ​(PinePhone and PineTab) ​and Purism'​s Librem 5 are supportedOther devices ​will be added in the futuredepending on mainline Linux support ​and device availability ​to the project'​s members.+Mobian primarily targets Linux-first devicesi.e. mobile devices made with the intent of running a Linux as the primary operating system, such as Pine64 devices and Purism'​s Librem 5. Those devices ​rely on software components widely used in the embedded software ecosystemsuch as the u-boot bootloader and a (lightly patched) ​mainline Linux kernel. As such, their installation procedure is quite simple ​and similar ​to those used for other development boards and SBCs.
-List of supported ​devices:+Supported Linux-first ​devices ​are currently:
-  * [[Pinephone|Pinephone]] +  * [[Pinephone|Pine64 PinePhone]] 
-  * [[Pinetab|Pinetab]] +  * [[Pinetab|Pine64 PineTab]] 
-  * [[Librem5| Librem 5]]+  * [[Librem5|Purism ​Librem 5]]
 +Thanks to the work of the Linux mobile community, we are also able to support a few Android-based smartphones. Those can run a mainline kernel and usual Linux userspace software, however they still rely on the Android bootloader
 +To this day, supported Android devices are:
 +  * [[oneplus6|OnePlus 6/6T]]
 +  * [[pocof1|Pocophone F1]]
 +More supported devices will be added in the future, depending on mainline Linux support and hardware availability to the project'​s members.