Files is a local and remote filesystem browser.

Scale to fit:

App ID:

Has to be filled


Phone Compatibility:

3 of 5 Points, the icons are initially too small and sometimes the dialog boxes appear outside of the screen or hide certain fields.

How to install

$ sudo apt install nemo

Tips and Tricks

Icons show up very small at first. If you drag the slider on the bottom right you can make them finger size. You can make everything show up finger sized by changing the preference in Edit→Preferences→Views→View new folders using→Icon View.

Single tap on a file to open it with the default app, such as Mpv for videos and audio. Sometimes, single tap is a bit too sensitive and can end up launching multiple files at ones. Change it to double tap in Edit→Preferences→Behavior→Double click to open items.

You can navigate to windows (SMB) shares on your network fairly easily to access pictures, music and videos. Tap on the “Go” menu at the top. Choose “Network.” Adding bookmarks to network resources can save repetitive gestures to access common network resources. You can also create a custom launcher (.desktop file), place it in ~/.local/share/applications and have it easily accessible on your home screen having it execute this command in the “Exec=” line.

nemo smb://your-server-name-here