This document guides the user how to install mobian on their phone (currently only Pinephone).


First of all, you need the images. You can either download pre-built images from this link. In this case, the image file is named “mobian-pinephone-YYYYMMDD.img.gz” and you need to unzip it with one of the following commands.

gunzip mobian-pinephone-YYYYMMDD.img.gz
gzip -d mobian-pinephone-YYYYMMDD.img.gz

Or you can build them yourself using debos recipes. In this case, the image file is directly named “mobian-pinephone-YYYYMMDD.img” and there is no need to unzip it.

Once you have obtained an image, you can flash it to a SD-card or to internal eMMC storage. In order to flash the Mobian image, you need to identify the device attached to target. On the pinephone, it is /dev/mmcblk0 (for SD) or /dev/mmcblk2 (for eMMC and eMMC size should be 16Go)

You can flash with the following command

sudo dd if=mobian-pinephone-YYYYMMDD.img of=/dev/mmcblkX

Alternatively you can also use bmaptool to flash your image. As it handles sparse files, it can flash considerably faster than plain dd

sudo bmaptool copy $IMAGE $BLOCKDEVICE

with $IMAGE, the path to the uncompressed image file and $BLOCKDEVICE the blockdevice (/dev/mmcblkX or /dev/sdX - if you are using jumpdrive).

You should now be able to boot from the device.

Default pin and password

The default user is mobian and has the pin: 1234

The root-user has the default password: root

You should change both - for more information about changing password.

Installation to eMMC

You can install the image to eMMC by using JumpDrive.

  1. Download the Jumpdrive image and flash the Jumpdrive image to a micro SD card
  2. Boot the PinePhone from the Jumpdrive micro SD card
  3. Connect the PinePhone to your computer using a USB cable
  4. Flash the exposed (mounted) PinePhone drive with the Mobian image
  5. Disconnect the PinePhone from your computer and remove the Jumpdrive SD card
  6. Power in the PinePhone and boot Mobian from eMMC

Resizing your filesystem

After flashing the image you might wish to resize your filesystem to use all of your eMMC or SD-card.

Open cfdisk to change the partition size.

sudo cfdisk /dev/mmcblkX

Select [Resize] and resize your partition to maximum. The select [Write] and accept with “yes”. Select [Quit] to exit.

Finally resize your partition.

sudo resize2fs /dev/mmcblkXpX