Installing Mobian

Mobian supports a growing range of devices, with installation procedures varying depending on the operating system they were originally meant to run. Follow the link corresponding to your device for detailed installation guides:


Default pin and password

The default user is mobian with password: 1234 in the image. User root has a disabled login and cannot be logged in directly as by default (use sudo -i to become root). mobian's password is also used as PIN on the unlock screen. You should change it by opening the King's Cross terminal and using the command:


It is possible to use a proper password rather than a PIN as there is an option on the Phosh unlock screen to swap the keyboard to a full alphanumeric version but this will slowdown your passage through the unlock screen.

Automatic Resizing of the Filesystem on First Boot

After flashing the image and booting for the first time, Mobian will resize the root filesystem to take all possible space on the disk. Depending on card sizes and file system type, this can take a while and will only happen on first boot. So grab a ${DRINK_OF_CHOICE} and be patient. The screen may go to low power mode; you can rock the volume buttons to see the console output.

Accessing the SD card

The SD card will be automatically mounted on demand, using the path /media/sdcard. There is no need to change fstab or anything else.

Connecting to Mobian

There are a few ways to connect to Mobian from another computer. To begin, install SSH server by opening up King's Cross from the main menu and install the SSH server by entering this into the terminal: sudo apt install openssh-server. You should protect your ssh server to not allow logins via the numeric password if you want to remain safe.

Next, you can connect to your Mobian device through an USB connection, or through a WiFi connection.