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   * ''​Configure Alternate System Boot Order'':​ ''​USB -> SSD''​   * ''​Configure Alternate System Boot Order'':​ ''​USB -> SSD''​
-==== Flashing the Image to the Target ​Storage ​Device ​===+==== Flashing the Image to a USB Drive ==== 
 +Once you have downloaded ​the image, you can copy it to a USB drive using one of the tools mentioned on [[https://​​doku.php?​id=install-linux#​flashing-the-image-to-the-target-storage-device|this page]]. 
 +This will create a bootable live system you can use on any UEFI-enabled machine. Depending on the UEFI settings you might need to manually select the USB drive on boot. 
 +The Surface Pro 3 will automatically boot from USB if you set it up according the the instructions above. 
 +==== Install Mobian to the Internal ​Storage ===
 +Currently, there is no installer available for x86 devices, and their internal storage isn't easily exposed through USB. You can either use the live USB as-is, or manually install Mobian to your internal storage from the running live system: in order to do so, simply download the image (or copy it to the USB drive) and identify your internal storage device (on the Surface Pro 3 it should start with ''/​dev/​disk/​by-id/​ata-''​). Then repeat the flashing procedure, only this time targeting the internal storage device.