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Navit is a offline navigation application. Think TomTom or Garmin dedicated devices and you get the idea. It has a classical look, and is not optimized for the pinephone without some configuration. But with some tinkering, it is working.

First described in this pine64 forum post.

In order to get the GPS working, this post has a description of how it worked. For now, this requires some manual intervention to turn on the GPS. There is experimental geoclue support being added.

It has been confirmed that the upstream geoclue feature will work in Mobian with the pinephone. What remains is determining how to package it with the layout fixes in a way that respects a variety of device configurations.

If you can get a version of navit installed with geoclue feature this configuration could work if you extract it into your /home/mobian directory and put a osm_bbox.bin in .navit/maps with the openstreetmap data for your area, which you can generate and download here from thenavit planet extractor. Note that if you need to use gpsd then there is a geoclue line in the .navit/navit.xml that you can comment out and restore the previous line with the gpsd settings.

TBD (newton688):

  • Make Mobian version of navit with downstreamed geoclue support
    • Don't forget to add recommended geoclue package dependency
    • Make gpsd package dependency recommended
  • Ping Debian project maintainer
  • Figure out a way to make the configuration above a separate installable mobian-pinephone package
  • Look into weird crashes with above configuration when tapping in the middle of the screen.
error:navit:graphics_image_new_scaled_rotated:No image for '/usr/share/navit/icons/'
error:navit:xml_parse_text:FATAL: No XML data supplied.
error:gui_internal:gui_internal_html_parse_text:FATAL: Failed to parse XML data (looks like incorrect configuration for internal GUI).