OnePlus 6/6T

Download OnePlus 6/6T image (generic image for SDM845 devices)


  • Qualcomm SDM845 Octa-core CPU
  • Adreno 630 GPU
  • 6/8 GB LPDDR4-3200 RAM
  • 64/128/256 GB UFS internal storage
  • USB Type C port
  • 3.5mm Jack

What is working

What State Comment
audio tested and working on enchilada, should work on fajita
battery works
calls partially works can place and receive calls, audio routing is missing
sms works
mobile data works (problematic) DO NOT HOT-PLUG
wifi works (previously) broken on latest image (11-27)
bluetooth works occasionally with broken audio
display works
touchscreen works
volume switches works
usb networking works
usb otg doesn't work
camera doesn't work
3.5mm jack works without automatic detection


Broken wifi and modem

Recent images (20221120, 20221127) breaks Wifi, modem and bluetooth occasionally. You can install previous releases, then update the system. (20220501 and 20220717/0724 release tested functional) . The recent firmware-atheros package is the one causing this trouble.

If you removed your SIM card with the phone on, you will cause a massive modem breakage across your phone, including modem-manager package cannot get updated ( then impact your system-wide update ), and modem functionality will always be missing regardless of reinstallation. Because Mobian (or maybe the general mainline Linux) could not handle SIM card hot-plugging correctly, hot-plugging the card will cause the modem always waiting for the same card.

Bricking package

For worst scenario, your phone becomes a brick ( booting into Crash Dump mode, or booted properly then just black screen w/wo notch LED on) after updating from old release like 20220717. In this case, the updated Atheros firmware package is the cause. Exclude this package berfore the update: “firmware-atheros” from your update to prevent bricking. Use the command below

apt-mark hold firmware-atheros  

Locking update

If a legacy release is installed and now you are updating from it, the phone's screen should be always on. If you let your phone's screen went black while updating, good chances are that you will be locked outside your phone. Someone among the packages temporarily affects the screen lock, making original password invalid. You either enable ssh beforehand, or press power button and force it to reboot.

Audio issues

Audio occasionally breaks, the audio devices shows a variety from “dummy device” to “Earpiece Built-in Audio” (even if you don't have an earpiece). Cause and solutions are being investigated