Totem (Videos)

Videos (Totem) is the official movie player of the GNOME desktop environment. It features a searchable list of local videos, and DVDs, as well as local network video shares (using UPnP/DLNA) and video highlights from a number of web sites. Limited codec and format playback support vs VLC, Kodi and especially Clapper which does have compiled-in hardware acceleration support to save battery.

Scale to fit

App ID:

org.gnome.Totem [flatpak] or totem [apt]


Phone Compatibility

  • 4 of 5 Points, with scale-to-fit.
  • Seems to use libhandy already but buttons are a bit small.
  • Feature missing: playing in the background. Currently when locking the screen, playing is paused.
  • UI redesign needed:
    • display play/pause, previous/next, time bar, sound control at the bottom
    • display top right menu button


Flatpak version seems broken currently but apt version works well.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install totem



# You will need to trust and add flathub to flatpak
flatpak install flathub org.gnome.Totem