Wiki Transition Debate

As of early August 2023, there is a debate about whether or not to shift the Mobian wiki from to

Arguments for
  • Minimise the separation from Debian infrastructure;
  • As of early August 2023, wiki.mobian-project has had frequent technical failures such as particular pages giving error messages rather than their regular content; the tech problem has been compared to Jenga and probably related to a php update
  • Let Mobian developers avoid investing time in maintaining a wiki and instead focus on phone software development;
Arguments against
  • Anti-spam: As of mid 2023, anti-spam measures on wiki.debian block some IPs used by at least one Debian Developer.
  • Slow creation of wiki.debian accounts (?);
    • As of early August 2023, after creating an account on wiki.debian an email has to be sent and there is a delay (e.g. 10 minutes) to wait for authorisation of the account;
      • seems like a weak argument against a shift
  • Is any work still needed to shift/update the still valid parts of wiki.mobian-project to wiki.debian ?
    • weak argument against a shift
Transition period

While the community is undecided, you may edit either of the wikis. Feel free to use Wayback or if you're worried about web-page volatility.