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Here you can view (and add) things that you feel would be nice to have in Mobian.

Please keep the headers in alphabetical order.



Collaborative text editing

  • A Nextcloud Mobile client with Collabora/OnlyOffice

Ebook readers


  • Encryption for Geary

Event planning (

Feed readers

File sharing

  • Nextcloud Mobile client (desktop sync app works but mobile use case client would be good)


  • Anki Added


Home automation

Home banking

  • BankID (from Finansiell ID-Teknik BID AB)
  • Revolut client
  • Starling client
  • N26 client
  • Simple checkbook/ledger client

Instant messaging

Maps and routing

  • Offline maps (maybe here something useful can be found)
    • Navit - package is already available but not easily usable with default config, has a problem parsing maps, and requires gpsd for location, UI is like an old in-car navigation system.
    • Pure Maps Added, also works with OSMScoutServer app
    • foxtrotgps - package is already available but needs –fullscreen command line option adding to .desktop file to be usable. Requires gpsd. Doesn't do routing. Offline use requires data to be pre-cached, which can be done via GUI.
  • Public Transport (something similar to Öffi or Transportr). Plasma-Mobile has KTrip, which is installable via flatpak as well.


Music streaming

  • Client to play Spotify (could be done with and Control Spotify-Connect-Devices (Pithos is a solution once the critical bug is fixed)
  • MPD Client (maybe there already is something suitable for small screens/mobile phones)

Media Streaming

Photo galleries

  • gThumb (works pretty well but needs optimization)

Project Management

Password Management

ToDo listing, time management

Voice assistant (Alexa, Siri)

  • open assistant (RFP 965149)
  • Mycroft (RFP 893788)
  • Kalliope (RFP 965158)

Voice chat

  • GTK3 Mumble Client
  • Riot/Element Web App
  • Jitsi


  • ProtonVPN Added, but needs optimization, issue added and approved by author
  • OpenVPN client doesn't work (maybe because tun.ko is missing?)
  • There is an open issue to add VPN management to gnome-control-center



  • Audiobook-player Cozy works well, just needs a little optimization
  • Print Settings along with Cups
  • 2D Barcode scanner (perhaps a thin UI around zbarcam)
  • Touch support for netsurf-gtk