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Here you can view (and add) things that you feel would be nice to have in Mobian.

Please keep the headers in alphabetical order.



  • Déjà Dup client

Collaborative text editing

  • A Nextcloud Mobile client with Collabora/OnlyOffice


  • Integrate contacts with chat/recent calls (no way to add contacts from either, although recent calls shows contact name)

Ebook readers


  • Encryption for Geary
  • Smartphone-first experience in a mail client (e.g. layout optimizations for evolution, geary or thunderbird)

Event planning (

Feed readers

File sharing

  • Nextcloud Mobile client (desktop sync app works but mobile use case client would be good)
  • P2P file sharing application similar to Shareit or KdeConnect


  • Anki Added


Home automation

Home banking

  • BankID (from Finansiell ID-Teknik BID AB)
  • Revolut client
  • Starling client
  • N26 client
  • Simple checkbook/ledger client

Instant messaging

App Middleware

  • Android Middleware (es. Anbox, Shashlik, Genymobile)

Maps and routing

Offline maps

maybe here something useful can be found

  • Navit - package is already available but not easily usable with default config, has a problem parsing maps, and requires gpsd for location, UI is like an old in-car navigation system.
  • Pure Maps Added, also works with OSMScoutServer app
  • foxtrotgps - package is already available but needs –fullscreen command line option adding to .desktop file to be usable. Requires gpsd. Doesn't do routing. Offline use requires data to be pre-cached, which can be done via GUI.
Public Transport
  • something similar to Öffi or Transportr). Plasma-Mobile has KTrip, which is installable via flatpak as well. (Or similar to SFOS Fahrplan, which already works on Ubports)


Music streaming

  • Client to play Spotify (could be done with and Control Spotify-Connect-Devices
  • MPD Client (maybe ymuse?)

Media Streaming

Photo galleries

  • gThumb (works pretty well but needs optimization)

Project Management

Password Management

ToDo listing, time management


  • Fix LinSSID for performing wifi surveys. (Currently it installs but aborts on an error: Could not load the Qt platform plugin “xcb” in “” even though it was found. This application failed to start because no Qt plugin could be initialized. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem. [It doesn't.] NOTE: PROBABLY AN UPSTREAM DEBIAN PROBLEM.

Voice assistant (Alexa, Siri)

  • open assistant (RFP 965149)
  • Mycroft (RFP 893788)
  • Kalliope (RFP 965158)

Voice chat

  • GTK3 Mumble Client
  • Riot/Element Web App
  • Jitsi
  • SIP-Client (Twinkle works okay-ish with scale-to-fit)


  • ProtonVPN Added, but needs optimization, issue added and approved by author
  • Windscribe-CLI (armf packages is available… maybe and easy add?)
  • OpenVPN client doesn't work (maybe because tun.ko is missing?)
  • There is an open issue to add VPN management to gnome-control-center



  • Audiobook-player Cozy works well, just needs a little optimization
  • Print Settings along with Cups
  • 2D Barcode scanner (perhaps a thin UI around zbarcam)
  • Touch support for netsurf-gtk
  • Screenshot utility (Perhaps Gnome Screenshot, having screenshots would boost the quality of graphical bug reports)


  • Application sandboxing using firejail
  • Set screen brightness even lower Fixed in upstream
  • Blue filter/night mode (was working already, removed by regression, will be worked on:
  • Change resolution in Settings (
  • Option to change window size to full screen/fit screen. Maybe graphical version of x, maximize. Using xdotool as workaround, but messy. Landscape command currently playing with: x=${xdotool search – onlyvisible – name Name-of-App) && xdotool windowsize $x 725 270 && xdotool window move $x 0 50
  • LUKS encrypted system (PostmarketOS does this via ondev installer [uses Calamares]; this can be easily adapted to Mobian) Added in installer images
  • Filesystem: F2FS support Added upstream
  • Filesystem: NILFS2 support
  • faster poweroff of display in lockscreen (If accidently pressed the power button)
  • A full virtual QWERTY keyboad like Hacker's Keyboard for Android
  • letter popup on keyboard
  • same or equivalent features to be found in Tails OS eg random MAC address; push all data (not just browser) through the Tor network; and so on.
  • zram Added
  • An installer, where we can add own user etc
  • On the power button menu adding a reboot ( restart ) option Added as of July 26, 2020
  • Wake up on Alarm clock
  • SSH setup UI (enable, import public keys, enable/disable password authentication)
  • AGPS data loading for faster/more reliable first fix
  • gpsd compatibility for those applications needing it
  • Disable proximity sensor when not on a call (
  • Disable onscreen keyboard when connecting a bluetooth keyboard
  • Swiping support for top and bottom menus (
  • Don't enter airplane mode every time wifi is turned off
  • Fix hiss/whine noise present whenever audio hardware is activated
  • Better terminal keyboard layout, with a ctrl key Added to squeekboard
  • showing volume box popup on screen when using hardware volume keys, similar to desktop gnome (
  • auto-rotate the screen from portrait to landscape, and vice-versa depending on orientation. (
  • Anbox support built in
  • Clear all notifications button in phosh
  • Split-screen mode
  • More complex drop down menu that icludes GPS toggle, flightmode toggle, maybe the torch etc.
  • application-splashscreens for long loading GTK windows (firefox, etc) that give launch-feedback and prevent focus steal when doing something else in the meantime
  • CAPS LOCK for keyboard